At OakStar Bank, we have become a leader and pacesetter in mortgage lending. Our Mortgage team has achieved this status based on the following competitive advantages:

We personallly meet with every client and provide guidance through the entire loan process. From selecting the correct product to locking an interest rate, our focus is create an enjoyable home-buying and refinancing experience. 

Our team's ability to recognize opportunities for clients, and to execute and close deals on time is unparalleled. We utilize over 160 years of combined experience in order to provide the best options for our customers. Our resources allow us to follow economic trends and we use this knowledge to help build and maintain the wealth of our clients. 
Quite simply, we focus on each client's needs. This overall philosophy is the basis for our success. What we do at OakStar Bank begins and ends with your success.

Springfield Loan Team


KC Loan Team

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David Graham - 816.309.5339

Kevin Dull - 417-447-9577


Joe Grego - 816-213-5634

Denise Feldt - 417-447-9542


Michelle Self - 816.960.3784

John George - 417-616-5378


Mike O'Neill - 816.289.8246

Aaron Jernigan - 417-447-9550

  Nick Weeks - 816.777.3537

Lacy Mehrhoff - 417-447-9554

  Rose Saracini - 816.668.3660

Adam Swenka - 417-447-7912

  Shelley Sossi - 913-375-7999

Brent Woody - 417-447-7911

  Steve Trautman - 816-309-0227